Stir fry taster session

Today chef James came in to talk to us about healthy eating and showed us how to make a stir fry. We all got to try some of it afterwards

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Wintry scenes

Today we created some art work to go with our alternative Bear Hunt stories.

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Children in need

Today we came to school in spotty clothes to raise money and awareness for the charity Children in need.

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Clay fossils

We have been learning about Mary Anning. Today we used clay to create an ammointe fossil.

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Bear Hunt

We have been reading ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and doing work based on the book. We went on a bear hunt around school then we revisited the places to think of how we could describe them.

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We’re not scared.

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Yesterday we created firework pictures using 3 different techniques.

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Diwali day

Today we learnt about Diwali. We learnt what it celebrated and how people celebrate Diwali.

We learnt a Bollywood dance and made Diwali lanterns. It was a lot of fun!

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Handwriting competition winners

On Wednesday we had our first year 1 handwriting competition. We copied out a poem in our neatest handwriting. We had to

  1.  put letters on the line
  2. use our leading lines
  3. begin to join up
  4. remember finger spaces
  5. make sure we had our ascenders (t, l) and desenders (g, y)

It was very tricky to judge as everyone tried so hard.

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Science experiment 4

Cleaning coins

We tried different ways to clean copper coins

  1. water
  2. water and salt
  3. lemonade
  4. lemonade and salt
  5. vinegar
  6. vinegar and salt

We were surprised that vinegar and salt cleaned the coins the best. It worked well but it was smelly!

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Science experiment 3

Lava lamps

We poured oil on top of water and observed what happened. Miss Gunn stirred it and we were surprised that it still separated!

We had a cup of water (+blue food colouring) and oil then we dropped an Alka Seltzer tablet it. Wow!

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