Street dance taster session

On Tuesday year 1 had a street dance and glee club taster session. We really enjoyed it and got to dance to Little Mix and Taylor Swift.

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Animal sorting

We started talking by what animals we have at home and seeing how many different animals we could recognise and name. Then we had a go at grouping and sorting animals. We came up with many different ways to group the animals.

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A huge thank you to all the grown ups who came in today for our work on timelines. We had lots of fun and enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

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We sang ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ and then thought about all the parts of the body we could name. Afterwards we worked as a class to label some children.

After break we learnt about our five senses. We tried 4 activities to test our senses. We tested our sense of smell, sound, touch and taste. Can you remember the different things you smelt? Some of us were brave and tasted mustard!


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Natural creations

We used natural materials we collected to creature a picture. Then we discussed how we would like it to be treated and how we would feel if it was damaged.

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Lego maths

We watched a video clip of a maths activity involving lego pieces and dice. We discussed with our partner what we thought the rules were and how to play the game. We then played the game.  Can you remember the rules to tell your grown up how to play?

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What makes a good friend?

Today we talked about what makes a good friend and how you can show you are a good friend to others. We sorted pictures into groups and talked about why the person in the picture was being a good or bad friend.


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Our first day!

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed today as much as I did. I’m looking forward to the year ahead with you all.


In the afternoon we had R-Time. We worked with our partners to build a tower of 5 cubes. We had to listen to the instructions, communicate with our partners and take it in turns.

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Welcome to year 1

Welcome to year 1 and class 1G !

I hope you had a brilliant summer holiday and had lots of fun. We are going to start this term by learning about ourselves then our main topic is going to be animals.

Throughout the year this page will be used to show the amazing things we do in year 1 and our fantastic work.

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