September 22nd, 2017

The end of our second full week!

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We made it to the end of the week! Woohoo!

1M have been super stars today – we got our last marble!
This means next Friday, every child in 1M is allowed to bring 1 small teddy into school for the day (please no expensive or detachable parts ones!). Great Job!

I also thought it was time to open up our role play area during Golden Time today. The children loved it and I was so pleased to see how clean and tidy it was left at the end of the day! I’ve made a note to praise the class on Monday because I was so impressed! – Keep it up and try to treat our toilets and cloakroom with the same respect!


This week has flown past and I think it’s time for a well deserved rest.
I look forward to seeing you all fresh faced on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Love Miss McCarthy.

September 20th, 2017

Sorting animals.

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Our topic this half term is Animals!

Everybody knows what an animal is, 1M were extraordinary at naming animals they already recognise and know fun facts about. We talked about our favourite animals, pets at home and what animal we would be if we could choose. We also googled some of the animals we were a little unsure of, such as a flamingo and rooster.

We then had a go at grouping and sorting animals that we used to play with in foundation! We came up with many different ways to group the animals, some were really imaginative!

Well done 1M! ๐Ÿ™‚

September 19th, 2017

The Creation Story.

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What a beautiful place we live in.

Don’t you wonder how everything came to be, how the earth has extraordinary things like mountains, deserts and jungles? What about animals? How are they all so different? From giraffes, to rhino’s to caterpillars, the world if full of spectacular things!

Yesterday 1M looked at the Creation Story of how God made everything we know about the world in only 7 days! Gosh he must have been busy!

We looked at what was made on each day and then put pictures of this into order to help us remember what was created when.

September 19th, 2017

Capital Letters!

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We are learning to match up and use our capital letters!
Some capital letters look the same as their matching lower case letters but some look completely different!

Remember, just because the letter is big, it doesn’t mean its a capital!

Where can I find a capital letter in a sentence?

What else might I need a capital letter for?



September 15th, 2017

Our First week!

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Its Friday, which means its the end of our first whole week together! WOW! How time flies when your having fun!

We have had a generally good week, collecting a total of 8 marbles! Only two more to go before we get our class treat! – We took a vote and decided that we would like to each bring in a special teddy for the day (will be on a Friday!).

We still need to work on remembering all of our things at home time, if we can get that sorted I’m sure we will have those last two marbles in no time!

It was great seeing all of you lovely grown-ups today coming in to support your child, the children really enjoyed it!

Look forward to seeing you all fabulous stars again next week!

Miss McCarthy

P.S, please remember that clubs start up next week! I’ll see some of you in Drama!

September 14th, 2017

Naming body parts!

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Our morning was jammed packed with Science today!

We began by looking at the human body and naming the parts we know. We managed to name 32 body parts, even ones that are inside of our body!! This really impressed Miss McCarthy and we gained a marble towards our class treat, especially because we were listening so carefully! How many body parts can you remember?

The class have worked really hard today! Well done 1M, keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Miss McCarthy

September 14th, 2017

Outdoor Creations!

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Yesterday afternoon we started to think about the many things in this world and how everything is created unique and special. We all went outside to find 5 natural things that interested us, looking at shapes and textures. We then came inside and created something using these objects with a partner – some where very imaginative!

After, we talked about how everything around us has been created to be something special by God and that we need to respect and take care of nature and the things around us.

September 13th, 2017

What makes a good Friend

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One of our first lessons together was looking at what makes a good friend. ย We talked about the friends we have now and why we get on so well, and how we can be good friends to others, especially with other children that we are not good friends with just yet!

We sorted pictures into groups and talked about how the person in the picture was being either a good or bad friend. Hopefully this will help us make some great new friends this year!

September 13th, 2017

Our class!

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Our wonderful class on the first week! We are all so smiley and happy to start Year 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

September 13th, 2017

Welcome 1M!

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Hello! Welcome to 1M!
After a busy few days settling in (myself included!), we now have a log in for our very own blog page!

Throughout the year this page will be used to show the amazing things we do in year 1 and our fantastic work. We can show our grown ups all the wonderful things we have been learning about at home! Please don’t hesitate to leave comments, we welcome parent engagement! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope to keep this page updated almost everyday so keep checking back to see how your child is getting on!

Miss McCarthy

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