Day Five

Last day- sob! Well, today we woke up to lots and lots of rain! After our final breakfast, everyone was sent upstairs to pack, find all their missing belongings, strip their beds, tidy up rubbish and chill with their friends.

Once their rooms had been inspected, our bags were carried out to a marquee in the grounds which would be our base for the day. Before we got on with our activities we had a chat about our time at A.T. The children nominated someone they were proud of and why. It was was so lovely to hear all the amazing achievements they were proud of over the week!

Orienteering was our final activity in our groups. The children were amazing at this: it was really raining hard but they enthusiastically got on for over an hour without a single moan! Absolute superstars!

By this point, exhaustion from the week was definitely beginning to catch up with a few of us- staff included πŸ™‚ Lunch was ham or cheese rolls with fruit, crisps, biscuits and juice. We then had some time to play games and chat with our friends.

After loading the coach, we took a final group photo and headed back to school slightly earlier than planned due to the torrential rain. Many slept on the coach back and we made it back in good time.

The rest you will know as you now have your wonderful children back home with you. We had a wonderful week away. I hope the children are now clean and we’ll rested after a good nights sleep.

From all the staff who went, we just want to say a big thanks to all the children. Everything apart from actually going to sleep, was AMAZING! We loved taking them away and saw so many of them really grow in maturity and confidence whilst we were away. Several lump-in-throat pride moments were had by every member of staff due to their beautiful personalities and perseverance in activities.

A final massive thanks to all the staff- you were amazing! I hope you all have a relaxed weekend- I personally was asleep by 8.30pm last night! Ha! πŸ™‚ See you all Monday.

Mrs Leigh

Day Four

The kids (and staff!) Are loving cooked breakfast every morning to get us ready for the day! Don’t be surprised if they’re asking for it at the weekend πŸ™‚ haha! Everyone looks a little tired but very content this morning.

A drizzly start to the day but that didn’t stop our enthusiasm as we all headed off for our activities. Mrs Atkins joined us for the day today to see what a wonderful place Avon Terrell is. Activities before lunch included zipwire, climbing wall, kayaking, raft building, archery and more. The children are still being amazing at challenging themselves- every single one of them will have something they are proud of when they come home.

Lunch was yummy today! Chicken or vegetable fajitas with guacamole and salad πŸ™‚ All ate well and got ready for the afternoon.

With the England game kicking off at 2pm, Smart’s Ninjas and Penn’s Penguins were happy as they had activities in the house so could watch the match from the beginning! Those who didn’t want to watch it had a variety of fun activities and games to complete with Miss Penn. The other groups headed off to their activities but would be back in time to watch the second half of that wanted too πŸ™‚ Thomas’ Engines and Leigh’s Lions were raft building together and, despite amazing teamwork in both teams, it was fair to say the Engines won when Lions raft came apart in the torrential rain! The kids loved this activity and showed great resilience!

Watching the second half of the match (whoop England!) and free time followed. Great sessions in the swimming pool- lots of fun! Children received their last Β£5 of pocket money today so there was much excitement in the shop!

Dinner was lasagne and garlic bread with salad-yummy- and then we headed in to the lounge for a bit more diary writing.

Tonight’s evening activity was the much anticipated disco! After time to get ready, the children all met back downstairs looking glam and ready to dance! The disco was fab! So much dancing and games and laughing. Even the teachers busted a few moves- much to the children’s embarrassment! Ha! Scott, who was our DJ, did a great job playing all the children’s requests and joining in the limbo game! Those who didn’t want to disco had a great time playing games and exploring In the forest with Mrs Windiate, Mr Smart and Mrs Day.

Bedtime was a little later tonight and the kids were all very tired after another great day.

Day Three

Day Three

Another great day! After a cooked breakfast and cereal, we all got ready for the day ahead. Fair to say a few of us are finding it increasingly harder to find everything we need- often because we’ve left it somewhere and forgotten πŸ™‚

A full day of activities followed! The weather was mostly on our side with some sunny spells. Groups had great fun on the water when kayaking and raft building. The raft even stayed together so no one got wet! We’ve only had a couple of capsizing kayaks so good work all round!

Lunch was pasta with carbonara or pesto and garlic bread. It was yummy! Other activities after lunch included den building, exploring in the woods, hide and seek, kayaking, archery, high ropes and lots more! The high rope and climbing groups did a great job of setting their own challenges as to how high they wanted to go- many of them then exceeding them! It was lovely to see all children feeling so proud of their achievements- actually made the staff have a little sob with pride!

Free time and swimming was great again- lots of games and laughing. The swimming pool was lovely and warm again πŸ™‚

Dinner was chicken and leek pie or mixed bean stew with potatoes, mixed veg or salad. Donuts and custard for pudding were a massive hit! The children have really developed at meal times over the week. At the beginning we found waiting for others to finish a bit difficult but now mealtimes are an absolute delight! Setting the tables and cleaning up are on a rota and everyone has worked well to keep the canteen clean.

Next we had some diary writing time followed by an evening activity. Tonight we had a quiz night with some funny team names! The results are to be announced on Thursday- the amount of answers that excitedly shouted out might see it quite a close quiz! Haha! The tiebreak questions was to guess the accumulative age of all the staff at Avon T- fair to say some of us were pleased or offended! Haha πŸ™‚

Bedtime was a quieter affair last night with some of us asleep before lights out! We are truly having a fantastic time and are well worn out!

Missing you all back home.

“Kayaking- at the beginning I was terrified and at the end I was still terrified but it was great fun!” Max

“I liked den making in the woods because we all helped out as a team!” Talia

“My favourite bit of yesterday was watching children really challenge themselves and have a go. It was just beautiful. They are all superstars.” Mrs Leigh Continue reading Day Three

Day Two

Another great day!

We all had a hearty breakfast and got ready for the day. In the morning the groups went off for their first organised activities. First activity we from 9.00-10.30 and second activity was from 10.45-12.15. Some groups had activity time in which they completed a scavenger hunt, played different games and took part in the After Eight challenge (Miss Penn’s favourite game!).

We saw some great examples of amazing teamwork with the children really encouraging and supporting each other to try new activities. Especially those activities, like zipwire, which took us out of our comfort zone! Some fun competitive spirit in archery games because of course it’s not about the winning (but it’s all about the winning?!) right?

Lunch was pizza, potato wedges and salad and everyone ate well!

After lunch we had our final activity of the day from 1.45-3.15. These ranged from zipwire to kayaking to raft building. All children came back bubbling with stories after a great final session.

Free time in the swimming pool or on the sports courts. Plus chance to spend their pocket money in the shops- they are coming with some great songs and jokes to get their pocket money!

Dinner was ribs and corn on the cob with potato croquettes. Unfortunately, the ribs weren’t the best we’ve ever had but we still all had plenty to eat! Pudding was yummy though- butterscotch Angel Delight! πŸ™‚

After a bit of diary writing we had our evening activity. Tonight we had a sports evening. We split in to 8 groups and worked our way round the four activities. These were rounders, parachute games, football and Golden Child (basketball based game). It was really great to see all the teams working so well together and children who would admit sports aren’t there favourite having an amazing time! It really was a lovely evening!

Bedtime was much quicker tonight- we were all shattered after today!

After a great night’s sleep we are off for more fun times today.

“The zipwire was amazing! Once in a lifetime experience: you could see everything and hang upside down whilst going really fast!” Oscar

“I really enjoyed the low ropes because at the beginning we got a little stressy with each other but by the end we were an amazing team!” Hollie

“The sports evening was amazing because absolutely everyone got stuck in and worked as a team.” Noah

Day One

We had a great first day and there was even a little sunshine!

We arrived about 11.15. Unpacked the coach and had our safety talk about the house. After, we went to find out rooms and make our beds- some of us found this more difficult than others! Ha!

Lunch was hot dogs- yum- and then we had a fire drill rehearsal.

2.30pm we had a tour of the grounds including seeing the lake we are going to zip-wire over!

We had a great time swimming and playing in freetime and Miss Penn, Mrs Leigh and Mrs Thomas joined us in the pool for games!

Dinner was spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and we all ate well.

Final activity of the day we a long walk through the New Forest! Hour and forty minutes! We saw wild horses and rabbits and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Up to bed and, after a few rounds of checking we were all actually in bed, we all slept well.

Ready and raring to go for Day 2.

“I loved the walk because iced getting muddy!” Caitlyn

“The walk was great because I loved the scenery” Jack

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