Artists of the school unite – Junior school report

Last week was Arts Week and, as usual, Friends were asked to give some funding towards making the week a fantastic success for the children. We hope you were able to go to the Exhibition at the Juniors on Monday and were able to see the fruit of their week’s learning. Here’s a description from Mrs Leigh:

Park Lane Juniors enjoyed a wonderful 1920s inspired Arts Week last week which was funded by the Friends of Park Lane. Children split into groups across years 3 and 4 and year 5 and 6 and visited a different teacher each day. With each teacher they learnt about a different specific artist and a new curriculum skill. These activities included clay, dance, music, 3D collage, ICT, printing, sculpture and drawing and painting skills. A great week all round!

The Infants were also having lots of fun. Don’t forget to visit their exhibition tomorrow (Wed) at 2.50pm. We shall be reporting back on our blog, once we have seen what they’ve been up to..

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