A new year & a new vice-chair!

Yesterday afternoon at our AGM we celebrated the last year and all it’s achievements and highlights. We’ve seen some formidable fundraising, lots of fun, and some great opportunities to help the school. It was also a chance to say a huge thank you to Leanne Cole for 2 years dedication as Vice-chair. Leanne is still around doing plenty for Friends, but she wanted to step aside from her role on the committee. We ALSO had the chance to vote in the new committee for the next year… so…

Welcome Lindsay Somerville as our new Vice-Chair! We’re thrilled to have you on-board. The awesome Andi Furno is staying on as secretary, super-woman Karen Taylor as Treasurer and Maxine Reeder as Chair.

However, as stated at the meeting, our success has been through teamwork – that everyone in the school (parents, staff, children..) have been so fantastic this year in giving of their time, skills, donations.. etc. As a committee, we’re so grateful for every bit of involvement from you all!

We hope that this next year will be every bit as successful, and with your help, we are sure it will be! xxx


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