What Do We Do?

  • The governing body work as a team, and in co-operation with the staff ensure a safe, happy, learning environment where children can prosper.

  • Monitor the strategic thinking of where the schools are going and how we get there. The day to day running of both sites is managed by the Executive Head.

  • Working with the Executive Head and Senior Staff, governors are responsible for strategically setting and delivering the schools aims and policies. This includes:

    • Improving standards of Teaching and Learning.

    • Implementation of Statutory Legislation.

    • Setting and monitoring the schools budget.

    • Staff appointments and interviews.

    • Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities.

    • The School improvement plan.

    • Risk assessments and general care of the schools estate.

When Do We Meet?

The full governing body meets 4 times each school year to approve policies, receive reports from each subcommittee, review the progress of the school and when required make decisions on its future direction.

In addition governors attend one of the specialist committees (Curriculum, Finance & Personnel, Sites & Buildings) where the ‘groundwork’, research and discussion on key issues occurs.

Moorlands & Park Lane Federation Governors

The Chair of The Federated Governing Body is Michael Wall.

Areas of Responsibility

The Federated Governing Body meet 4 times each year to approve the budget and policies, receive reports from each sub-committee, review the progress of the federation and when required decide on the future direction of either school. In addition governors attend one of the specialist committees where the research and detailed discussion on key issues takes place. There are three main research specialist committees: CURRICULUM, FINANCE & STAFFING and SITES & BUILDINGS.  The Federation places great value on the work and commitment of the committees.

 Please click here to see the members of the Federation  and details of their attendance.

Declaration of Interests

A Register of Business Interests is kept in school and to date all governors have made a ‘nil return’.  Declarations of Interest are also a standing agenda item at every governors’ meeting.









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