Junior School Council

Dear All,

We are the Junior School Council and so far this year, we really feel we are having an impact.  Firstly, let me introduce to you our democratically elected School Councillors:

Year 3

Anike, Jacob, Clara and Connor

Year 4

Ben, Mariyah, George, Bella

Year 5

Harry, Verity, Logan, Jessie

Year 6

Renae, Alex, Maggie, CJ

Secretary and Finance Officer:  John

So far, we have:

  • Baked and sold all our own cakes for Children in Need, raising £137
  • Met with and interviewed Reading West MP, Alok Sharma
  • Written a mission statement
  • Decided to support Cancer Research and Reading Launchpad

Next term we are looking forward to visiting Parliament!

Our councillors will be posting soon…